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  Top Five Misconceptions About Travelling Abroad and Cruising  
  (or At Least the Top Five People Share with Me!)

1) "Its Dangerous and Scary!" - Whenever you hear something is dangerous or scary, someone like me comes along to try and convince you that "danger" is a relative term and then loads you up with a bunch of statistics about how likely it is that you will hurt yourself slipping in the shower or crossing the street. So I’m not going to do that. Instead, I would ask yourself the question: "Is what I hope to see and do, the dream of exploring new places or enjoying a relaxing break, worth whatever risk might be involved in going there?" How you answer this question may depend on the place you are looking to go, but even if you can give a qualified "yes" in answer to this question then you owe it to yourself to look into travel.

2) "I am going to have trouble communicating with people" - Let’s face it, if you are on this website, you almost certainly speak English and, most likely, it’s the only language you know. All I can tell you is that in the many different countries I have travelled in, I have never had a problem communicating with people for two (2) big reasons: 1) English is very nearly the universal language almost anywhere in the world today and many, many people speak it (though some better than others) and 2) usually where you are travelling to and who you are travelling with is geared toward an "international" (i.e. English-speaking) audience. In other words, if you are exploring the mountains and wilds of the Dominican Republic, it’s probably not a bad idea to know at least some Spanish. On the other hand, if you are going to be in a resort area in that same country, you are going to have to go out of your way to find anyone that doesn’t speak enough English to help you out.

3) "Its expensive to travel!" - Another relative term, but this time I will share with you how I, personally, justify the cost of travel. Whenever I have travelled, I have always tried to calculate what the per diem or per day cost is for the vacation package. In the case of a cruise or all-inclusive resort, you’ll find that you can find acceptable accommodations for as little $75 a day, but usually closer to $125 per day. Keep in mind, too, that when you talk about cruising and all-inclusive resorts, your meals (morning, noon and night) are included in the price. I don’t know about you, but between the mortgage, insurance, groceries, the car, etc. it costs me a bit more than $125 just to stay at home! Rest assured that if I could find a way to make a living and manage to stay close with my friends and family while residing on a cruise ship or at a resort, I would do it in a second because it’s so much cheaper then living here!

4) "I’m going to get seasick/airsick" - Seasickness and airsickness (technically "motion sickness", in both cases) are very real issues that some people are indeed susceptible to. Today, however, treatments for motion sickness are fast, cheap and effective. If you are really concerned about this, talk to a doctor, though there are actually some good over-the-counter treatments and it’s a rare airline or cruise ship that doesn’t have a treatment on hand administered by an accredited, experienced nurse or doctor that can be used to remedy the problem right away.

5) "It might be fun for me, but what about the rest of my family and friends?" - More and more people are travelling in groups these days and sometimes it’s hard to find the common denominator that will appeal to everyone. Without naming names, about half of my friends and family just want to relax and do as little as possible on vacation while the other half is out bungee jumping or in engaging in whatever other type of extreme activity is most likely to endanger their lives. Realizing this trend, resorts and cruise lines have tried harder and harder to appeal to ever broader groups of people. Some do that better than others, though there will always be some travel providers that gear more towards one extreme or the other. Working with you to determine the best match between the dreams of you and your group and the right vacation provider remains at the very core of what I do every day.

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